SEATTLE, WA:  Sub Pop Records35th North Skateshop, and Amigos Skateboards present MANWOLFS! a gallery show, which will open August 9th 2012 at 35th North Skateshop in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle, WA and will coincide with the screening of “Machotaildrop” the night before, August 8th at the Northwest Film Forum. The show will be up for one month.

MANWOLFS, A Group Art Exhibition

Opening August 9th at 35th North | 8:00PM
1100 East Pike St Seattle, WA 98102
Featuring Jason Adams, Hershel Baltrotsky, Nathan Bell, Noel Sinclair Boyt, Michael Coleman, Jon Contino, Ryan Duggan, Derek Erdman, FOS, Jeffro Halliday, Yusuke Hanai, Matt Hollister, Jay Howell, Michael Hsiung, Christian Jacobs, Andy Jenkins, Mel Kadel, Jesse Ledoux, Travis Millard, Christian Morin, Russ Pope, Nat Russell, Jay Ryan, Brian Sanchez, Marq Spusta, and Phil Toselli

Show will be up for one month.
Presented by Amigos Skateboards, Sub Pop Records, 35th N, The Stranger, and Northwest Film Forum.

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